Subscribe to Eichten's Solar Farm and enjoy the benefits of solar without having an array on your property.  Share solar with others in your community, save money and the environment.

The Project

Ed Eichten, owner of Eichten's Farm in Center City Minnesota, is retiring 4 acres of his farm for the installation of a large solar array.  This will be the first Community Solar Garden in Chisago County, open for subscriptions to Minnesota rate-payers.

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The Specifics

Community Solar Gardens, an upshot from last year's 2013 Solar Jobs Act, allow Minnesotans to share in the benefits of solar energy with their neighbors.  The program credits a CSG participant's energy bill proportionate to their share of monthly production.  This option is ideal for home or business owners who want to go solar but lack the ideal site conditions to do so.  

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The Environment

The environmental impact will be significant.  The 1-megawatt system is expected to produce 1.25 gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable energy.  Each year the solar array will prevent 1.875 million pounds of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 22,000 trees. 

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